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"Doggie Language," Lili Chin

"Help for Your Fearful Dog," Nicole Wilde

"The Cautious Canine," Patricia McConnell, PhD

"Decoding Your Dog," American College of Veterinary Behaviorists

"Perfect Puppy in 7 Days," Sophia Yin, DVM

"Puppy Start Right," Ken and Debbie Martin

"Separation Anxiety in Dogs," Malena DeMartini, CTC

"Beware of the Dog: Positive Solutions for Aggressive Behavior in Dogs," Pat Miller


"Reactive Program: From Anxious to Zensational," (therealdognerds.com)

"Mission Possible – Separation Anxiety Training for Guardians," (MalenaDeMartini.com)

"Resource Guarding Webinar - for Dogs that Growl or Bite to Keep Their Stuff," (recorded live) (grishastewart.com)