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Proof Positive that force-free works!

Private In-Home Lessons

Whether you are looking for basic manners for your new puppy or adult dog, or you are experiencing behavior issues and need some help, Pooch Positive will tailor a behavior and training plan to address your dog's individual needs.  We offer reasonably priced lessons and packages for your specific training and behavior modification goals.​

Puppy Socialization & Vet Prep

​Puppies have a critical Socialization period between 7 and 16 weeks of age. They learn most of what will shape their adult personalities and how they will interact with their environment during this period. It is imperative they experience as many people, places, other dogs, etc. in POSITIVE encounters. This is the best time to teach them that trips to the vet and the groomer don't have to be scary.

Virtual  On-Line Training 

During this strange and stressful time, our dogs need leadership, enrichment and training more than ever. Dogs thrive on routine, and our pups' lives have changed as much as ours have. Change can lead to fear, anxiety and stress for our canine companions. Pooch Positive is now offering virtual training for basic manners and behavior concerns.