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Our Mission...

Pooch        Positive               Training                  ​LLC

Proof Positive that force-free works​!

.​ reduce the number of dogs surrendered to shelters, by teaching appropriate behaviors, enhancing communication between dogs and their people, and strengthening the human/ animal bond, using only positive reinforcement and force-free training techniques. 

​​Why Clicker Training?​​

Because it works! Clicker training uses positive reinforcement rather than punishment. We don't use aversive techniques at Pooch Positive Training, LLC. Clicker training is based on scientifically-proven principles of behavioral psychology, including operant and classical conditioning. Simply, dogs repeat behaviors that are rewarded, and cease behaviors that are not.

We do not have to shock, prong, or choke to get our dogs to engage in appropriate behavior.  We just need to reward, praise, pet, play and LOVE them.