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Proof Positive that force-free works​!

Private Lessons

Initial Consultation $75

     ***50% off Initial Consultation for adopters of                                 shelter or rescue dogs

Single 60-Minute Lesson $75

3 Lesson Package $210

4 Lesson Package $260

5 Lesson Package $300

For Behavior Basics packages, you choose from behaviors including Sit, Down, Stay, Loose Leash Walking, Four on the Floor, Targeting, Off, Recall, Go to Mat and many, many more....We can discuss your training goals at your Initial Consultation!

For Behavior Modification, we will discuss the problem behaviors in detail at your Initial Consultation and determine the appropriate course of action and an realistic timeline for change!

Group Classes

5 Lesson Package $130

Behavior Basics' open enrollment format is designed for maximum convenience. There are no start and end dates, so there is no waiting until the next class rolls around to begin training. There will be no more than 5 students in each class so each student can get the attention he needs to develop into the perfect pooch companion!